What to bring to your appointment

While your referral may have included relevant test results and a medication list, we recommend reading the following list to see what else might be helpful to bring.

  • CDs or hard copies of imaging such as MRIs – if these are bulky or numerous feel free to contact us to see whether we have electronic access to your radiology provider
  • recent test result reports such as EEGs, blood tests, sleep study results, echocardiograms etc
  • a list of your medical conditions, operations and allergies
  • an up to date medication list including drug doses and frequency – if you are not sure you can bring the packets or bottles in with you or you can ask your pharmacist to print you out a list of your current medications
  • any symptom diaries or trackers

If you are coming for a nerve conduction study or EMG:

  • wear loose clothing that can be easily rolled up or shorts
  • do not apply moisturiser or lotion to the skin of the arms or legs on the morning prior to the test
  • take your normal pain medications – this will NOT affect the result of the test
  • let us know if you are taking any blood thinners or have any bleeding disorders – this can affect whether we also perform EMG (a fine needle is inserted into a muscle to record electrical impulses)
  • if you are nervous there is room for a support person to come in with you – please let us know if you are anxious about the test and we can explain what is involved in more detail prior to your appointment

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