Dr David Lee

Dr David Lee is a neurologist with special interest in epilepsy, having recently completed Epilepsy Fellowship at Mater Hospital Advanced Epilepsy Unit, a quaternary epilepsy centre with intracranial monitoring as well as management of patients with complex epilepsy.  

He completed his medical degree at University of Queensland in 2012, and spent the next five years working as resident and physician training at Royal Brisbane Hospital. His first year of Neurology training was at Canberra Hospital, with wide exposure to general neurology, in particular neuro-ophthalmology, movement disorder, neuromuscular, and headache. He trained at Liverpool Hospital in NSW for his second year of neurology training, which at the time provided the only 24 hour after hour on call stroke service for entire NSW. In addition to extensive acute and subacute stroke exposure, he has also been trained in headache syndromes, and cognitive neurology. 

As such, Dr David Lee is experienced in epilepsy, stroke, and the spectrum of altered sensorium, i.e. ‘funny turns.’ In addition, he has experience in other general neurology disorders, such as headache syndromes (including Botox for chronic migraines), movement disorders and cognitive decline. 

Dr David Lee also has part time appointments at Princess Alexandra Hospital and Gold Coast University Hospital with emphasis in Epilepsy and Headaches, as well as academic appointment as senior lecturer with University of Queensland. 

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